Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday lunch with Marketman

Seems like it was only yesterday that I discovered Market Manila, through an article in one of our local dailies. The brainchild of the mysterious Marketman, it features everything Filipino-foodie-related: from ingredients and their origins, to wonderful markets to visit, to scrumptious recipes to try. Marketman's was the first food weblog I stumbled across and was responsible for getting me all fired up about food blogs (and probably a part of the reason I got the nerve to start 80 Breakfasts -- coincidence: his was the very first comment this blog recieved!).

Now, many blog comments later, the first Market Manila Eyeball is organized. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect...but I was not missing it. That was for sure! :)

It was held in Galileo Enoteca, a cozy Italian wine shop (with other things on offer like Italian cold cuts and cheeses, and Italian specialty food items...I am returning for more goodies, that much is certain!) in Mandaluyong.

The EB turned out to be a fun and fantastic occasion. Marketman's fans turned out in energetic force. Total strangers with hands reaching across plates and wineglasses, "Hi there! I'm ____!". Emphatic comments like: "Mmmm! This is sooo good!", or "Try this one, it's delicious!". Plate after plate of amazingly mouth watering appetizers were placed on the table (with accompanying wine of course), after which three wonderful pasta dishes were brought out (despite all the antipasti I consumed I was still ready, able and willing to have all three pastas!). An excellent cup of espresso to top everything off. And for dessert...Marketman's special gift for each of us: made-from-scratch ensaymadas, the lastest batch from his intense ensaymada recipe testing series.

Aside from finally meeting the great Marketman in person (and Mrs. Marketman too!), it was an opportunity to meet fellow food-lovers, as well as other bloggers whose blogs I regularly visit (and some who visit here as well!). I'm so glad have gotten the chance to meet all of you!

Let me say this, if success is measured in contented sighs from excellent food and wine, great conversations, and uproarious laughter, then this event was definitely a success! Good food, good energy, and a goody bag to boot, made for a very satiated Sunday for me. Thanks Marketman! I had a ball! :)

For a more complete round up, please see Marketman's EB post. For another MM EB post, also check out Lori's (with amazing food shots as per usual!).


Katrina said...

Joey, I PRAY that you don't regret sitting beside me yesterday. I'm notorious for my loud loquacity! Have your eardrums recovered yet? ;-)

I, on the other hand, was excited to be beside someone who loves breakfast as much as I do! I browsed through your blog (OH, NO! Yet another blog to tempt me away from my diet!) first thing this morning. Your stories, culinary creations, and writing style are delightful! I'm impressed and envious! ;-)

I don't know how to cook and haven't baked in over a decade, but your Yellow Ribbon turon sounds so special that I will attempt it soon. It's such a perfect pairing (turon with Chocnut & Flat Tops) that I can't believe no one's ever thought of it before! I wouldn't be at all surprised if you told me a light bulb appeared over your head and you shouted "Eureka!" when you came up with the idea. ;-)

I do hope another foodie EB comes up again so that we can enjoy another lovely meal and conversation together.

wysgal said...

It was great to have met you Joey! Until next time! =)

Lori said...

I'm so glad that you were there. This was an awesome event.

Marketmanila said...

Joey, geez the things that we remember...I forgot that I made the first comment on your new blog... I remember seeing your blog address on incoming visitors that day and I always check out unfamiliar names so that's the reason I got to your blog so soon! It was my pleasure meeting you and all the other guests at the EB...

Paz said...

What fun you had! Lucky you!


ChichaJo said...

Hi Katrina! I don't regret sitting beside you AT ALL! I had a blast :) Thanks for the all the nice comments, coming from someone in your line of work, who exudes a natural air of creativity, it means a lot! Glad you liked the Yellow Ribbon Turon...and hope to see you soon at another foodie EB :)

Hey Wysgal! I was great to finally meet the gal behind rants and raves :)

Hi Lori! Likewise! It was great to see you again...I had a great time :) Is your EB next? I hear a lot of clamoring for one, heehee :) A dessert EB...sweet (pardon the pun)!

Hi Marketman! It was a great pleasure to meet finally meet did a fabulous job with the EB! Thanks!!!

Hi Paz! It was loads of fun :) Maybe one day we can all meet as NYC (or in Vienna, hehe) ;)

Mila Tan said...

Hi Joey,
It was so nice to meet you and congratulate your engagement in person at the EB.
I couldn't taste all the pastas, but weren't those anchovies amazing? Thank goodness for MM and Lori's great photos, we have an album to go back to for reminiscing.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Mila! It was great to meet you in person too! The anchovies were fantastic, I agree :) Have to return to that place...And yes, I'm saving the links to MM's and Lori's post ;)