Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blogger Postcards from the World

One of the amazing things about having this blog is how much I have discovered and learned...much more than I ever expected at the get go. I have found wonderful recipes, gained invaluable kitchen wisdom, but best of all I have met (in person or not) great people. And all of this mostly by chance wanderings down this cyber-highway.

One such chance wandering led me to find Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey? and her genius event called Blogger Postcards from the World. The concept? Very simple. Just buy a postcard, post about it, then mail it off! Meeta gathers all our names together, scrambles them up, and then matches them at random. Now, I love sending, and receiving, postcards, and it was a great way to discover more fellow bloggers, so this was definitely something I wanted to join...It's a good thing I discovered it just days before the deadline! Go over to Meeta's to see who else is joining!

Ok, now for the postcard...what to send, what to send? I know this is probably the most typical postcard you can get from the Philippines, but I love this island (Boracay, pictured above) and it is where I got married :) So a little bit of my country (more than 7000 islands...and this is just one of them!) and a little bit of me (I'm an island girl through and through), all in one postcard, ready to be sent out to my mystery recipient!

Thanks Meeta for hosting such a fun event!


Tanna said...

Now, I'm not sure what I was looking for when I started my blog. It really is so much more than what I ever imagined. I love the people! and I love the fun that these people engage in together.

Ivonne said...

That's a beautiful postacard, Joey!

Pamela said...

Gorgeous postcard!!

Barbara said...

What a beautiful island Joey. How wonderful to be married there.

Mila Tan said...

What a lovely idea, and hopefully you get to learn more about the person whose postcard you received, and vice versa.

We're all island girls (goils!), makes it hard for us to leave and to live in a place without water I think.

I'm glad to have met you and other great ladies through the blogosphere.

Paz said...

Beautiful! Looks like a place I'd love to visit.


Sumitha said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Joey,you are one lucky gal to have been married at the beautiful island!

ChichaJo said...

Hi Tanna! I couldn't agree with you more :)

Hi Ivonne! Thanks!

Thanks Pamela :)

Hi Barbara! Yes, it was a great place to get married...especially since my husband and I love the beach! :)

Hi Mila! Same here! :) I am glad I met you and all the rest...who knew right? And I agree about the "living near water", add to that a love of flip flops! :)

Hi Paz! I'm sure you would enjoy it! If you ever get to this side of the world let me know :)

Hi Sumitha! Thanks for stopping by :) I do count my lucky stars to have had the opportunity to celebrate my marriage in an was great! :)

Meeta said...

Joey, Fantastic postcard! I was in Manila back in 1998 and wow! what a pulsating city. I would like to thank you for taking part in my postcard event. Thanks to this I have come across your blog and will be adding you to my blogroll! Hope you take part in my next event too!

Sally said...

What a gorgeous postcard. I'd love to visit your island one day.

K & S said...


J said...

hi joey, i've heard so much about the beauty of boracay but have yet to visit; thanks for reminding me why it's a must-visit ;)

Mae said...

That's a trully beautiful postcard that sums up the beauty of boracay. I haven't been yet but since my brother went to visit and sent me a postcard, i've longed to visit since.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Meeta! This was a great event...such a clever idea and so much fun :) Thanks for adding me to your blogroll and I look forward to more events to come :)

Hi Sally! Thanks :) We have a whole lot of islands here to choose from so come on over!

Hi K&S! Thanks…it is :)

Hi J! Yes, do come over! There are more tourists now than before, so the best bet would be to avoid the peak seasons. Some people say Boracay has become to “commercial” but it hasn’t lost its charm yet for me…it’s hard to beat powder white sands, azure seas, and the hopping island atmosphere (plus tons of places to eat!) :)

Hi Mae! You should definitely see it! It’s different from a lot of beaches here because you can’t really say that the atmosphere is really Filipino. Because of all the foreigners who have settled there and put up restaurants and shops, the ambience is more of a bohemian mix :)

Bay_leaf said...

hi, i got linked to your blog thru a friend who takes part of meeta's 'blogger postcards from the world.' Puspha was the one who introduced me to blogspace.

did you use to live in ZH? i'm here in Bern.

love your blog!


ChichaJo said...

Hi Bay Leaf! Nice of you to drop in :) Meeta's postcard event was so much fun! I was based in Zurch for a short time for work...I loved Switzerland! :) Lucky you to be in Bern :)