Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Foodblogger's Guide to the Globe

Melissa over at The Traveler's Lunchbox is putting together a list of things to eat before you die...and is calling on all food bloggers to help! Who better then foodbloggers -- real people trawling the world for culinary pleasures -- to put together a list about the very thing that fills their waking (and sleeping!) thoughts? I, for one, enjoyed going through the amazing list that is slowly building up. It's a fantastic reference for foodie adventures...a "guide to the globe" indeed.

Here's my little contribution:

Five Things to Eat Befire You Die

1. Foie Gras - I know, this is in more than one list. But I have to say it. I like it pan seared with some fruit and candied walnuts. Or demi cuit. There is nothing like it taste and texture. It transports.

2. Lapid's Freshly Popped Chicharon with "laman" (meaning the fat), White Plains, Manila, Philippines- To say this is just pork crackling is an understatement. What Pierre Herme is to macarons this place is to crackling. The true testament? I flew in 3 kilos of this stuff for my wedding. And I made time to eat it.

3. Philippine Mangoes - I have to agree 150% with Christine. To say it is a sweet fruit is unfair. It is a tropical island life sugar spun dream. It is decadent afternoons on pristine beaches. It is dripping juicy jewel candy. Yes. All that.

4. Belgian Frites from the streets - No other fries can compare. I like mine with mayo and sate/peanut sauce. Fry perfection.

5. Sushi and Steak Tartare - Ok, a little bit of cheating here as I sneak in two entries in one. What I really mean is raw food. I do love slow cooked stews, but there is something almost ethereal, primal even, about eating something wihtout even cooking standing between you and your meal.

So that's my list! Sigh...I could go on. The hardest part was choosing only five!

Thanks Melissa for allowing me a little mental romp in my food paradise...and for now giving us a great list to refer to when looking for something to eat!


Tanna said...

Great list. I find this a difficult question.

Paz said...

Since I love mangoes, I'd LOVE to tast a Philippine Mango. Yum!

I have to agree about the Belgian frites. Love that too. I've never tried the mayo and peanut sauce, just mayo and ketchup. ;-)

Nice list!


canDIshhh said...

Hi Joey! I totally agree with Lapid's chicharon with laman its fan-tastic! I find it weird though that I like the ones sold in White Plains better than the rest... Is it just me or... :)

Mae said...

I'm yet to try foie gras, Joey. I've heard it's totally divine pan seared...

Philippine Mango... need i say more?

Like you, i love chicharon with laman!!! But it's difficult to find the right kind here and i don't fancy making them myself - all that hot oil splattering! Love chicharon on mungo :) yum yum yum!

Mila Tan said...

I knew you'd list chicharon! You wouldn't be chichajo without it.

I added mangoes to my list, but since the sweet one was already mentioned, I figured my choice would be green mangoes with bagoong (plus I didn't add eaten with rice).

ParisBreakfasts said...

Thanks for stopping by Joey. How would I have found you!? What an interesting list. It makes me yearn for the Philippine mango. I don't think they've made it to NYC yet :( I thought Brazil was the mango's home... Foie Gras, I've had too much of that - it was required on the menu to every dinner I photographed at the Beard House for some 7 years. And I've had it in every form and flavor imaginable. The Belgian frit, yes but not with peanut sauce- sounds yummy. The others await my tastebuds.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Tanna! Thanks :) It was difficult to keep it to 5 things!

Hi Paz! If you love mangoes you should definitely try it...sweeter and juicier than any other :) Yes, Belgian frites are great! Glad to see I'm not the only one who has mayo with them :)

Hi Candishhh! It's not just you! Their are so many Lapid's around. The Lapid's in White Plains carries the brand name "Freshly Popped" to differentiate themselves...

Hi Mae! Go out and have a good pan fried foie gras when you feel especially pleased with yourself (or if you need cheering up!)...you wont be sorry :)

Hi Mila! Yes, my absolute fave! ;) Green mangoes and bagoong rock too!

Hi Paris Breakfasts! Thanks for stopping by :) I know they export Philippine Mangoes but I'm not sure to where, and of course, they would be much better fresh, preferably on the beach! A good friend ate fries with peanut sauce and it was just to good for me not to take up the habit :)

christine said...

Very mouth-watering list Jo! Finally, I've been waiting to see what else you come up with aside from Foie gras and chicharon hehe. My understanding is that the While Plains branch of Lapids is the last remaining original one. The rest are spin-offs, and owned by a brother a from the defunct partnership.

Bay_leaf said...

ah, nothin' like the sweet mangoes from the native land...
that's definitely in my list, too! :)

Kalyn said...

Your list sounds great. I'd love to try the Belgian fries. I was going to put french fries from Hires Hamburgers in Salt Lake on my list, but there were too many other things!

Elna Smith said...

Wow! Joey you included 4 of what I would have listed. Belgian frites is the only one I wouldn't include. The rest are my absolute fave as well! Oh and by the way, it makes me homesick just thinking about mangoes and lapid's chicharon. *-*

angelika said...

Hi Joey, oh yes I can agree to 1) and 5) without a moment of hesitation. I can imagine that a Phillippine mango is like from out of the world. And the other two things make me curious. Flown in for the wedding, I love that sound... Hugs, angelika

iska said...

i totally agree with chicharon w/ laman & phil mangoes! oh i love to join this but i am not so sure if my sched nowadays wud allow it.

evan said...

hi i bloghopped from babe kl's. your blog is really awesome and lovely! simply love all the pics u took =) i'm a foodie myself too, its really great to know likeminded ppl. take care.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Nens! Thanks for pointing the list out to me! It was fun thinking about what I would consider to be 5 foods to eat before you die. Yes, what I know is that the one in White Plains is the original one...that's why they are trying to differentiate themselves as all the spin-offs still carry the name Lapid's...

Hi Bay Leaf! You said it! :)

Hi Kalyn! Belgian frites are the most amazing fries I have ever tasted...perfect! :)

Hi Elna! I know what you mean...when I was abroad food was really one of the things that could trigger homesickness :)

Hi Angelika! Philippine mangoes are really wonderful! As for the chicharon, yes, I loved it that much to "fly it in" for my wedding...although it may be one of the most unhealthy foods on earth...heehee :)

Hi Iska! It's fun! If you can spare some time, it's just 5 things (although that's what makes it difficult to choose!) :)

Hi Evan! Thanks for stopping by and for such nice comments! :)

Ipshi said...

top 5 indian foods that people shud hav!! this is gonna b long!!

pani puri from any street corner which is basically like a small taco-like ball which is smaller and is stuffed with spicy mashed potato and with spicy and sweet water yumm!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panipuri

kebabs from Delhi http://www.food-india.com/recipe/R026_050/R048.htm

dum biryani from Hyderabad which is rice with mutton or chicken but o so amazing!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyderabad_Biryani

prawns/crab xacuti from Goa fresh from the sea.. mother nature at its best http://www.aayisrecipes.com/2006/08/24/chicken-or-prawn-xacuti/

rasgullas from calcutta .. its an amazing dessert that can easily be made at home but if made well, its heavenly!! http://www.food-india.com/recipe/R001_025/R001.htm

ChichaJo said...

Hi Ipshi! What a great list! Thanks for putting all the links as well...I love Indian food and I always appreciate more resources...although I've been to scared to try making anything from scratch...I should really muster up the courage on of these days!

Go over to Melissa's to share your list so she can add it to the main one :)