Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breakfast #12: Chorizo Fried Rice with Egg


This is one of the most blissful things (in my humble opinion) about growing up in the Philippines…decadent yet fortifying, indulgent yet necessary, over-the-top yet simple and basic (hold on to your garters my friends!) – rice for breakfast.

And not just any rice – fried rice! It goes by many names: sinangag, kalo-kalo, sangag. Whatever you call it, it is what has been driving us on for decades. Rice is the fuel for our collective, national "little-engine-that-could". It is what got us to till the fields at the crack of dawn, cast our nets in the wee hours of morn, and gamely answer vast amounts of call center complaints still wearing a smile on our faces. Rice for breakfast – we salute you!

Nowadays, this archetypal “Pinoy breakfast” would consist of rice, a protein (check these Lasang Pinoy entries to get an idea), and egg. A delicious feast! What I decided to do here is just toss everything together to get a hearty one-bowl meal. For the protein I used skinless chorizo.

Chorizo Fried Rice with Egg

  • 250 grams skinless chorizo
  • 2-3 cups day old rice (depending on your preferred protein-to-rice ratio)
  • 2-3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
  • 1 small onion, peeled and chopped
  • 1 sili labuyo (bird’s eye chili), cut in half (I always cut sili in half so the heat escapes but you can still see it while you eat and thereby avoid scandalous surprise)
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • Your choice of oil

- Heat oil in a wok or kawali. Add onions, garlic, and sili all at once, and sauté until onion is soft.
- Add chorizo to the pan and sauté until it has released its glorious orange oil and is just cooked.
- Add rice to the pan and toss until rice is orange and soft. Take the pan off the heat and set aside.
- In a non-stick skillet heat a little oil. Add egg and cook until set. Flip the egg like an omelet until the whole thing has set. No need for good form here as you will slice it up. Just make it as flat as you can.
- Slice egg into strips and toss with rice. You can reserve some egg strips to use as topping.
- Serves 2-3

The chorizo gives this dish a bit of a Spanish influence…with one important caveat: The Spanish-style chorizo I used is made right here! I bought it from a friend that makes his own and, yes (!), he sells it too (details below). It is really delicious and I am presently kicking myself for only buying the 250-gram pack. You can use any chorizo you have though or even longanisa. If you don’t have any skinless (or, as it is locally called “hubad”, which means naked…I love that!) you can use regular and just cut it up as you see fit.

If you happen to be in Manila: You can order the chorizo from Desnudos, just call 8230047. They also have choriburger patties (oh yes…I have a pack in the freezer!) and longanisa hubad (naked longanisa!). Desnudos also means naked. I should stop with the naked huh? Or at least wait until after lunch ;)


veron said...

What a breakfast made in heaven! Chorizo and sinangag!
When I went to SF to visit my dear friend from the Philippines, we had rice for breakfast. In fact the night before we took some tapsilog home from Chow King (yes there was one there in Vallejo) and a whole Max fried chicken and had it for breakfast the next day...YUM!

Kumudha said...

I would love to veganize this recipe! It looks delicious!

Manggy said...

I LOVE these things (especially chorizo/ longanisa/ tocino), with sunny side-up please! The problem is-- and you'll find this utterly blasphemous-- I have no appetite till lunchtime. Must be my slowing metabolism. I hope my appetite for true breakfast does come back, though, so I can try your friend's chorizo!

Meena said...

Yumm! Nothing beats rice for breakfast!! I always look forward to my vacation in Malaysia, where my Grandma serves up a platter of coconut rice with some very spicy fish for breakfast - comfort food personified!

Love the picture! :)

katiez said...

Coffee and croissant are nice for breakfast...but I have always preferred something savory.
Cold pizza, leftover risotto, a hearty bean soup,... mon mari usually has to leave the room - he's a cold cereal guy.
This looks fantastic! Chorizo and Rice...yum!

oggi said...

I make garlic sinangag on Saturdays & Sundays served with sunny side-up fried eggs and preserved meats, sometimes hotdogs!

The chorizo fried rice looks sooo yummy. Also, I like your caldera.:)

Belinda said...

You know, Joey, I think I could very easily adapt to the Philippine traditional breakfast routine. I absolutely love rice, and I'm thinking it sounds like a truly genius notion to have it for breakfast. :-)

ChichaJo said...

Hi Veron! Wow! That's sounds like quite a feast you had there :) My mom loves Chow King and my husband can polish off half a Max's chicken...can you guess who polishes off the other half...hehehe :)

Hi Kumudha! Thank you :) Maybe if you find vegan/veggie chorizo? Or maybe you can use veggie mince and spike it with Spanish paprika? That sounds doable! :)

Hi Manggy! Your metabolism is like a have to feed it to get it to burn! :) When you wake up, it is still sleepy, just dying embers. You need to throw in some burning kindling to get it started :) As for the chorizo...anytime of the day is good :)

Hi Meena! Coconut rice with very spicy fish...that sounds fantastic Meena...something I would really like :)

Hi Katiez! Leftover risotto for why didn't I think of that? :) My husband hardly eats breakfast (gasp), but when he does it is usually savory. But hey, I have cold cereal days too :)

Hi Oggi! Hmmm...sounds like breakfast in your place is quite the spread :) The caldero is from SM (Shoemart)...their home section is amazing and cheap and I can spend hours in there buying all sorts of odds and ends (like single serving calderos!) :)

Hi Belinda! Nice to know you like rice too :) It really makes for a complete breakfast and after all, they do say that breakfast is supposed to be our heaviest meal...we have sweet stuff too, like chocolate rice pudding! Hope to post about that soon :)

Marvin said...

Mmmm. Rice for breakfast is the best! You know, Joey, you could always make your own longanisa;)

Susan said...

Oh, that photo is lush! No wonder you want to eat rice in the morning--who wouldn't want to wake up to that bowl of goodness?

Peabody said...

My husband would be all over this!

mtan said...

Single serving calderos? Really? how cute! You could do a nice table setting, serving something slow cooked then ladled into them and then have the guests open their mini-calderos at the same time, must go to SM now! :)

I heart sinangag! with tons of garlic. it goes with everything.

Rasa Malaysia said...

We don't eat too much rice for breakfast, except for our national dish nasi lemak (coconut milk rice with anchovies sambal, hard-boiled eggs, and cucumber slices). Mostly, we have all kinds of savory noodle soup for breakfast, and others. :)

Jen Tan said...

Fried Rice, fried egg with a fried anything!!!! hahaha Absolutely great breakfast! That's a yummy twist Joey...chorizo!! i think I've never had chorizo for breakfast =) Must try that naked cured meat supplier of yours too!hahaha =)

Ipshi said...

I am a blissful union of the north and east of india. What that means is that my mom whos from the east has brought me up with all different kinds of rice be it sweet, savory, puffed rice with spices or parched rice as breakfast. The northern side (my dad) comes out in the form of hearty breakfasts of parathas ( vegetables, yoghurt and pickles. Which one do i like? i think u know the answer already and if u ever saw me ud see it too.. i love it all!!
p.s. sorry for the looong post

toni said...

This is so tasty! Yummy. Pinoy breakfast at its best! And that pic Joey, is soooo tempting. Mmmmm. My husband will enjoy this.

christine said...

Yummyyy! This chorizo is really excellent! I'm such a sucker for chorizo and longganisa I swear. If I could, I would eat it for breakfast every day.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Marvin! I really want to make my own...your post was such an inspiration, no joke! :)

Hi Susan! Thanks! :) And it smells great too...gets me out of bed :)

Hehe! Nice to hear that Peabody :)

Hi M! I was just thinking that :) And it would be a great way of serving individual portions of sinigang too! SM home department totally rocks!

Hi Bee! I've haven't tried nasi lemak yet but it sounds gooood! I would love to have something like that for breakfast...noodles too! :)

Thanks Jen! "Silog" is always a good breakfast no? :) The chorizo is really good!

Hi Ipshi! What a lucky duck you are to have the best of both worlds! Nice to see that you appreciate it :) And boy, as I was reading your comment I kept thinking yum, Yum, YUM! I could likewise do both the rice side and paratha side!

Hi Toni! My husband likes this too :) Thanks!

Hi Nens! It really was super duper good! Now I have to replenish my stocks! :)

Salvatore said...

This brings back great memories. I had this dish in Hong Kong with some of our Filipino church friends and I remember just loving it. I am going to try to make it tonight. Great site. Keep it up.

Kelly-Jane said...

That sounds and looks absolutley wonderful :) chorizo for breakfast, yum!

Donna A said...

I'm new to your site. I am very impressed by your crisp photos and insightful yet down-to-earth (as opposed to snobbish, high-brow) commentaries. Yes, indeed, hurray for rice for breakfast! Have you heard of this fad "reverse dieting" where dieters eat dinner fare for breakfast & breakfast fare for dinner (to match food load to metabolic needs, leading to weight loss daw)? Us Pinoys always knew that! Not sure about the weight loss though...

valentinA said...

Wow! I've always had Chorizo in pizza. what a good idea to enhance the fried rice's flavour. And oh joey, the photo's soooo pretty!

drstel said...

i love that little pot :) i have to ask someone to buy me two or three of those, nakakahomesick.
sinangag is just the best comfort food, i try to make that at least once a week.
siling labuyo, wowee! gotta try.

now, where to buy Marca El Rey Chorizos?

stef said...

That looks so good, Joey. We need to get back to eating rice in the morning! We've been having entirely too much cold cereal lately.

Lani said...

We always have rice for breakfast. Thanks for sharing this, Joey. I know my hubby and son will love this.

ChichaJo said...

Hi Salvatore! Thanks! :) Hope you enjoyed it!

Hi Kelly-jane! Thank you :) Chorizo for breakfast is wonderful...another way would be to have them with eggs which I'm sure will be fantastic!

Hi Donna A! Thanks for your kind words :) Yes, I have heard of that reverse dieting, which was never a problem for me since I can have rice for breakfast and cold cereal for dinner with no problem...but as you said, the weight loss, well, that's a different story, heeheehee :)

Thanks Valentina! :) Chorizo on pizza sounds awesome! Will try that :)

Hi DrStel! They had a bunch of small things, including this pot, in SM...small kawalis and buckets, etc...hay! I really went nuts! ;) The chorizo I used here is made by a friend of mine, but I'm sure you can find something there too :)

Hi Stef! Thanks :) Yes, it's a lost art in this busy world...once in a while is is such a comfort and a pleasure to me :)

Hi Lani! Nice to hear :) I hope they like it!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a wonderful picture of a gorgeous breakfast! Very appetizing...

JMom said...

Love fried rice! now with chorizos, that's really kicking it up a notch :) Looks delicious!

Midge said...

Chorizo and fried rice: a winning combo if there ever was one. I love the brilliant colors on it, Joey, and the flavors must have been amazing!

ChichaJo said...

Thanks Rosa! :)

Hi Jmom! Me too...fried rice is so flexible, and the perfect place to dump leftovers, hehe :) With the chorizo it's great...especially with the chorizo's oil mixed in!

Hi Midge! One of the things I love about cooking with chorizo is how it stains everything a brilliant orange :)

Stephen said...

I love chorizo fried rice! Your's looks great. Yum.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Yes PLEASE. This looks like such a wonderful breakfast! This would be grand!

ChichaJo said...

Thanks Stephen! We love it too! :)

Hi Tanna! Coming right up! ;)

Gourmet Traveller said...

Hi Joey,
Just had ""sinangag and longaniza" for breakfast this morning. I love how I can get Filipino breakfasts here in Las Vegas. Your chorizo fried rice looks delicious and is something we always have at home in Marbella.


ChichaJo said...

Hi GT! I'm sure you could really take this to town with all the chorizos in Spain :) My godmother who lives in Barcelona used to make me "butifarra fried rice" when I good :)