Friday, September 14, 2007

Off to Bicol for the weekend!

I am off to Bicol for a weekend away with my best friend K! We’ll be visiting Albay (Legaspi City) and Naga City…yes, the same place C went for business not too long ago when he brought me back this wonderful stash of goodies. I’ll be sure to return the favor this weekend :)

I’m SO excited because:
- This will be my first time in Bicol…and I’m always excited to see places for the first time, especially cities and towns in the Philippines that I haven’t yet explored.
- We’ll be checking out the Pe├▒afrancia Festival, the feast of Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia, the patroness of Bicol. I love festivals!
- We will also be visiting Linyon Hill, the Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga Church, and the black-sand beaches in Sto. Domingo…and I will finally see our perfect cone – Mayon Volcano!
- I’m sure there will be lots of delicious food to eat and delectable treats to bring home.
- Weekend jaunt with best girl friend = non-stop fun and adventure = fabulous times!

Now, what does the picture have to do with Bicol? Nothing really…although I’m sure they do have labanos (radish) over there. It's just a little hint of what I’ll be posting about soon!

Happy weekend everyone :)


veron said...

Have a fun weekend , Joey!

Marvin said...

Have a great time Joey! I'm looking forward to your radish post, and even more excited to hear about Bicol.

Maryann said...

Have a wonderful time! I'm sure you will post about it when you return :)

ctl said...

Don't forget to go shopping for native bags and stuff in the market! The one on Tahao Road is always a hit.

ces said...

hey have fun with your friend joey! thanks for dropping by recently, been a bit busy with my new website but i hope i am now back to blogging:)

katrina said...

I had a great time with you guys last night -- as usual, we were the last to go home (i.e., stayed till the last bottle of wine was gone).

Have fun in Bicol, eat lots of pili! :-)

Belinda said...

Have a fabulous time, sounds like a wonderful trip with your friend...I hope you post photos when you return. :-)

Bearbrick Lover: said...

Aha, so that's why you guys left the party so early! Hope you had fun in Bicol – and bought lots of caramelized pili (my favorite)!

Truffle said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

katiez said...

Have a great time! I love festivals....

Kelly-Jane said...

Have a great time :)

ChichaJo said...

Thanks Veron! :)

Hi Marvin! Thanks :) I'm back and will be posting soon!

Hi Maryann! Hope to get a post up soon :)

Hi Ctl! I went to the Satellite market in that the same one? In any case I did buy lots of bags!!! They were so fab! :)

Hi Ces! I had loads of fun! Hope to see you back to blogging soon :)

Hi Katrina! I had a great time too :) As usual! Brought back lots of pili...plain pili too!

Hi Belinda! Thank you :) I did have a great time and I'll be posting some pictures soon :)

Hello Bearbrick Lover! Only K left early! I stayed until the very very end :) Only had about a 1.5 hours "nap" before heading to the airport! I love the caramelized pili and brought back some...let me know if you want I can send some to Kat :)

Thanks Truffle! :)

Hi Katiez! Thanks! Love festivals too...although this was was more religious/ was quite moving though :)

Thank you Kelly-Jane! I did :)

valentinA said...

Have fun Joey, enjoy it to the max!! Will be waiting for you for more spicy food entries!:)

Joan said...

Hi Joey!!!

I'm touched that you recommended me to YUMMY Magazine for their YUMMY-COOKOFF Event. I will finally see you. Goodluck to both of us...

:-) joan

Jen Tan said...

Have a great trip to Bicol joey! Can't wait to see your posts when you get back!

Hey I tried the banana bread recipe and I swirled it with nutella...have a post on it na..please check it out if you have time ;P

Thanks for the heads up on the recipe!!! Enjoy !!!!

ChichaJo said...

Hi Valentina! I definitely enjoyed it :) Thanks!

Hi Joan! Thought of you as you do seem to be used to cooking for people :) I am not quite so confident in front of a crowd...hope to see you at the Yummy event :)

Hi Jen! Thanks :) I'm back and I've checked out your banana bread...whoa! Looks so good especially with the Nutella :)