Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Plum and Nectarine Galette

Hello there! I am back! The meetings that I mentioned here went well and, although this is still a busy time for us at work, it’s a good kind of busy. They type that you know is pulling you and your team to bigger and better things, even as you wipe the sweat off your brow and wallpaper your aching back with Salonpas.

But enough work talk! I feel like celebrating and I’m doing it with pie! Well, with a galette if you want to be technical. A Plum and Nectarine Galette if you want to be specific. I found some nice plums and nectarines in the Sunday market across the street from me (yes, I live two steps away from a cute little market - another reason to celebrate!) so I bought a bunch with this in mind. I had been reading about Dorie Greenspan’s Good for Almost Everything Pie Dough from the enthusiastic Tuesdays With Dorie bunch and had been meaning to try it. When I saw Cenk’s gorgeous galette on (the equally gorgeous) Cafe Fernando I knew that as soon as I had a bit of free time I would be rolling out this dough.

I must say, the legions of Dorie fans out there are not mistaken. This pie dough really is good for almost anything! It’s tasty and flaky and a snap to put together. And getting pie dough flaky in my hot and humid kitchen is a feat in itself – Dorie I owe you! I used Cenk’s version though which only has butter and no shortening. I don’t have anything against shortening, and I know it is supposed to make the dough flakier, but I was too lazy to buy some ;)

I adapted the recipe slightly to make allowances for all the humidity and heat over here – lessening the water and adding more dough-chilling time. This recipe makes enough for a 9-inch double crust pie. If you make galettes you can make two 9-inch ones (one now one later)...and you don’t have to fiddle with a pie pan ;)

Plum and Nectarine Galette
(pie dough recipe adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours as adapted by Cenk of Cafe Fernando, filling adapted from Cenk’s recipe)

For the pie dough:
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • 3 sticks of butter, cut into small chunks and chilled in the freezer for about 20 minutes
  • 1/3 cup ice water

    For the filling:
  • 300-400 grams fresh plums, pitted and sliced into eighths (I used 3 plums)
  • 300-400 grams fresh nectarines, pitted and sliced into eighths (I used 2 1/2 nectarines)
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup sugar, plus more for sprinkling
  • Juice of half a lemon

  • 1 egg, slightly beaten (for assembly)

    - Pulse flour, sugar and salt in a food processor using a metal blade.
    - Remove butter from freezer, add it in the processor, and pulse until it resembles a coarse meal. Do not over mix! The pieces don’t have to be uniform. Dorie says some can be the size of fat peas and some the size of barley.
    - Add ice water little by little, pulsing once in between each addition, until the dough forms clumps and curds (I lessened the water from 1/2 cup to 1/3 due to the moisture already present in my air). Again, do not over mix! Chunks of butter in the dough are fine (yum!) :)
    - Turn the dough out onto a work surface and very lightly and sparingly, knead just to incorporate dry ingredients.
    - Divide the dough into two even balls. Flatten balls into disks and wrap individually in plastic.
    - Refrigerate dough for at least an hour (I refrigerated one disk and kept the other in the freezer for future use).
    - Remove the dough from the refrigerator. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough between two sheets of baking parchment (you can roll dough directly on a floured work surface or between two sheets of plastic wrap but parchment works best for me) into a rough 11-inch circle. When rolling, turn dough over frequently and lift the parchment so it doesn’t form creases. Trim the edges to form a clean circle.
    - Place your flattened dough (covered in the parchment) back in the fridge for about 20 minutes to chill again.
    - Remove dough from fridge, peel of top layer of parchment, and transfer the dough, on the bottom layer of parchment, to a sheet pan or pizza pan (I used one of those pizza pans with holes on the bottom).
    - Mix 1/2 tablespoon of the cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of the sugar in a bowl and spread on the bottom of the dough.
    - Toss plums and nectarines with the rest of the cornstarch, sugar, and lemon juice.
    - Arrange the fruit on the bottom of the dough, leaving 2 inches of dough left outside.
    - Fold up and pleat the dough (as best you can) over the top of the fruit, leaving the center uncovered.
    - Lightly brush the top of the pastry with the beaten egg and sprinkle both the dough and the fruit with sugar (I used Demerara sugar with large crystals).
    - Place the galette in 400F oven and cook for 40-45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.
    - Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling rack immediately.

    I love how this turned out! All rustic and earth goddess goodness...uneven buttery crust, sticky-shiny filling, sweet juices bubbling over onto the parchment, hypnotic pie-baking smell filling my flat...and C, who is not a sweets type of guy, actually had it for dessert that night (and breakfast today), claiming that “I like this kind of thing!” Yet another reason to celebrate!

    More reasons to celebrate:
  • A wonderfully generous friend brought me back Fage Greek yogurt from her trip to Hong Kong, so I’ve been having very satisfied breakfasts :)
  • I discovered the most adorable earth-friendly soap stall at my neighbourhood’s Sunday market! She makes body soaps and laundry soap...the laundry soap smells so good (it’s made with herbs) that I want to dunk my head in the basin every time I wash! And I can! Because it’s safe for my skin! Joy! The best part? Unbeknownst to me at the time, she is the same girl who supplied me with all those tomatoes a while back!
  • 80 Breakfasts is mentioned as “click-worthy” in Rogue Magazine’s current (August 2008) issue – The Appetite Issue (piece by Wysgal)! Oh yay!!! My shameless thrill is as uncool and this magazine is cool. Thank goodness this blog managed to slip into its pages before any of them discovered how dorky I am ;)

    Manggy said...

    I remember it was a few months before I started blogging, when I bought, ate, and cooked with plums for the first time. It was awesome. I made a plum galette too! Following a Cook's Illustrated recipe. This brings back so many memories, and it looks so much more substantial than mine! (Since I wasn't blogging, I just dumped the plum wedges in the middle, no fancy arrangement.)

    Hey, how are the nectarines? I've seen white peaches on the shelves too but I'm hesitant to buy, in case the taste isn't so hot.

    Congratulations on a thumbs-up dessert! ;)

    barbara said...

    Gorgeus!!! Thanks!

    Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

    A gorgeous combo! Those are some of my favorite fruits! A wonderful galette!



    katrina said...

    That looks just beautiful, Joey! Almost jewel-like! And the crust (my favorite part, in fact, for me, it's a pie's raison d'etre) looks perfectly crunchy and buttery. And you found nectarines here?! How were they?

    Pille said...

    Can I have a piece, please? Looks so tasty and lovely!

    Dhanggit said...

    plum and nectarine are indeed gorgeous combo!! you are lucky to have a market close to you that can give you all the things you want :-)

    Aran said...

    perfect for summer... i love galettes of any kind but i think they are best with stone fruits. gorgeous!

    Meeta said...

    oh i agree that pie dough is awesome and just like you I have been playing around with galettes after the TWD session! I love your twist with plums and nectarine!

    The Knittymommy said...


    By the way, I left a little diamond gift for you on my Don't Be Losyang blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

    mtan said...

    I can just imagine how lovely your kitchen smelled with the pie crust baking, then the fruit... That picture is worth a thousand drools.

    Marvin said...

    Ha! There are so many radio commercials here for Salonpas and I always wondered if those things worked or not.

    Hmmmm, I also wonder if that good for everything dough is good for deep frying.

    veron said...

    This galette is truly so celebration-worthy. It is gorgeous! Glad to have you back!

    white on rice couple said...

    Wow and wow. How beautiful and inspiring. I've got a whole platter of pluots that need to be eaten or cooked. I'll try them in a galette.
    I think I can handle this tasty, flaky and easy pie dough!

    Patricia Scarpin said...

    I always look forward to reading your posts, Joey - not to mention your photos are absolutely wonderful. This galette is no exception, sweetie! I have got to bake one too, I have never tried it before!

    Paz said...

    I've never tried this before, either. Looks really good.


    Cenk said...

    Your galette looks beautiful. We owe Dorie so much! Thanks for the lovely mention!

    Erin said...

    That looks so delicous with those juices dripping down over the crust. Yum!

    Rico said...

    We also live near a market, but it doesn't offer that much variety in produce. That galette looks beautiful!

    ChichaJo said...

    Hi Manggy! Thanks for implying that my arrangement was “fancy” :) I did try to make it as neat as I could although the crust just pleated as it wanted to, paying no mind to me, and some of the plums and nectarines were quite disobedient! I actually bought a couple of white peaches with this batch, and no they were not hot, which is why they aren’t in this galette! The nectarines are nice though (although I can’t compare because I have never had a nectarine anywhere else) and I have bought them before. They are great cooked in some way, like in this galette, or poached, or grilled – I made an appetizer of grilled nectarines with ricotta then wrapped in prosciutto...delicious!

    Thanks Barbara!

    Hi Rosa! Thank you :) I am planning to use these fruits more often!

    Hi Katrina! I they looked jewel-like too! And it’s really all thanks to these gorgeous fruit! The crust recipe was indeed a find...I am very happy with it :) You can find nectarines in Rustans (sometimes), the Power Plant fruit stall, Salcedo Market, and Legaspi Market (where I got these). They were good! Although maybe not as sweet as they could be? Not sure because I’ve only ever had the imported nectarines here and not uber-fresh from the place from whence they came! Anyways, they take very well to cooking as I mentioned to Manggy...try the appetizer with the grilled nectarines....easy, delicious, and swanky-looking to boot!

    Hi Pille! Of course you can have a piece! Can I have some brownies with raspberries in return? :)

    Hi Dhanggit! I turned out to be such a yummy combination :) The market is by no means a big one...quite small but very charming (to me at least) :)

    Hi Aran! It is already our wet/rainy season here but it is still as hot as summer least for the past couple of it was indeed a lovely dessert to have! Stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums only became widely available here in recent times (and all imported still), so I’m still experimenting :)

    Hi Meeta! I’m so glad I found it! I have been stalking the TWD group since then, hehehe ;)

    Hi KM! Oh wow! Thanks!!! I will go over there right away!

    Hi M! Thanks! :) It did smell great...that’s one thing I love about baking...natural air freshener!

    Hi Marvin! Salonpas really works for me! I always need a packet by my work table for when back pain strikes...painkillers do nothing for me, only the heat from Salonpas plaster can bring me relief! I know I sound like a commercial myself but it’s true! Don’t know about the deep-frying though...

    Hi Veron! Glad to be back :) I am definitely enjoying this celebration galette!

    Hello White on Rice Couple! Yes do try it! I think it’s a wonderful way to make use of those fruits :)

    Hi Patricia! Aw thanks!!! You are a sweetie! With all the things you bake this will be a cinch! :)

    Hi Paz! It’s quite easy to put together and really yummy :)

    Hi Cenk! Thank you! And thank you for the inspiration :) Yes, we do owe Dorie a lot :) I’m loving her pie crust!

    Hi Erin! When you take it out of the oven the juices are still bubbling it’s even more of a sight! Wish I had video!

    Hi Rico! The market near me is not that big...but the veggie and fruits stalls are pretty nice :)

    ah Teo said...

    ooohhh the picture looks gorgeous!!! i wish i can have those for my breakfast!!!! makes me wanna eat it with some ice cream...yum...

    Peabody said...

    What a great use of stone fruits. Looks so yummy.

    Maven said...

    That pie looks amazing. I loved your description of it and now must try this rustic, buttery crust :-)

    Suzana said...

    Joey, your galette looks really beautiful. I love what you did with these stone fruits! I'd have some right now! Any left?

    Midge said...

    Oh, those colors are the prettiest!

    Helen said...

    Such a feast for the eyes! Those colours are absolutely stunning. I am such a massive fan of nectarines and all their juicy glory.

    katiez said...

    What a gorgeous galette!
    I have been stuffing myself silly with plums and nectarines... when I get bored with just eating them I can try this! Maybe I can even master the crust.

    Fiber said...

    Wow - this looks incredible.

    ChichaJo said...

    Hi Ah Teo! Thank you! :) This would be great with some ice cream :)

    Hi Peabody! I think stone fruits are the best for a galette like this!

    Hi Maven! It’s all thanks to Dorie Greenspan! It really is a delicious crust!

    Hi Suzana! There is hardly any left but you are always welcome to a slice of anything I make :)

    Hi Midge! I love the colors too :)

    Hi Helen! I discovered nectarines late in life (it is not locally grown) but I’m making up for lost time :)

    Hi Katiez! The crust is very easy to put together and I’m sure you will like it! :)

    Thanks Fiber! :)

    caryn said...

    ooo! this looks yummy! i can't wait to try it out. thanks for the recipe! ;-)

    Jude said...

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks perfect.

    Maria said...

    What a beautiful photo! It looks so delicious!

    ChichaJo said...

    Hi Caryn! Hope you like it! Let me know of you try it out :)

    Hi Jude! Recipes are for sharing is what I always say :)

    Thanks Maria!

    Tartelette said...

    This looks crazy beautiful! Look at you...all rolling in the dough:)
    Happy happy!!

    ChichaJo said...

    Hi Helene! This definitely put me in a happy mood :) Happier still that I know I have another batch of the dough waiting in the freezer for me!

    Helene said...

    Beautiful, nice picture. I heard good things about this book too but was not sucessful with the recipe I made. I have better results with Cook's Illustrated recipes.

    ChichaJo said...

    Hi Helene! Thanks :) I have heard lots of good things about this book too although I don't own a copy so I can't speak from experience :)