Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Yummy Afternoon

One of the best rewards I‘ve gotten from blogging was one that was completely unexpected – all the wonderful friends I’ve made. Whether they are across an ocean and I’ve never met them in person, or live just a couple of streets down from me, whether they also have a food blog, or we simply share the same zeal and appetite for good food, each of these fabulous individuals have somehow become a part of my life. I feel my little world, and my experiences in the kitchen and dining room, have become all the better from the inspiration and encouragement I get fellow bloggers and blogging friends.

Here in Manila, what was started when I tentatively attended my first eyeball, has grown into many gastronomic adventures. One of our latest being a Cooking Party feature in this month’s issue of Yummy Magazine. We each prepared a dish to share (some prepared two!) and squeezed everything into my little flat. After the cameras and lights where packed, we dug into the food and chatted the afternoon away :)

If you want to see what we all whipped up, you can grab a copy of Yummy’s March 2009 issue which is out now. To whet your appetite, here’s what you’ll get:

  • K’s delicious appetizers – an Anchovy Cream Cheese Spread and Bacon & Cheese Dates! – K is a frequent commenter here and on other local blogs, leaving insightful and fun tidbits wherever she visits!
  • Roast Duck with Apples from M – Author of Watergirl and duck roaster extraordinaire!
  • Bacon Mushroom Country Rice Stuffing from I - the mastermind behind Sebastian’s Ice Cream!
  • Marketman’s Crab with Dill Mayonnaise – creator of Market Manila (one of my favourite local blogs!) and the man behind the Best Pig Ever according to Anthony Bourdain!!!
  • S’s Couscous Salad with Seafood and Fresh Mint – the voice behind Tennis and Conversations made a couscous believer out of C with this dish!
  • My Chocolate Orange Cake - adapted from a Nigella recipe...liked by most but please do not feed to orange+chocolate-phobic little brothers!

Thank you to all who made that afternoon so much fun! :)

***Yummy is one of my favourite local food magazines – nice photography and styling, good features, and a clean, modern look that I like. I’ve written for them before and it’s always a pleasure to work with their fun and talented staff. This month they celebrate their 2nd anniversary and I’m glad I was able to celebrate with them in this feature!

On other news: My Mother Earth Bags group has launched a new line of embellished flour sacks! Check them out here! :)


Patricia Scarpin said...

Joey, they are lucky to have you, darling! Such a talented foodie!

Daniel said...

Congrats on your brush with fame! Sounds like it was a great day.

And I completely agree that one of the biggest and most unexpected blessings of blogging is the chance to get to know--and learn from--people all over the world who have the same interests.

Casual Kitchen

Jenny said...

A friend of mine just bought me a copy of this magazine from the Philippines. It's fantastic. I wish I would get it in the U.S.

wysgal said...

Oh ... am too jealous I wasn't there with you guys! Sounds like it was a lot of fun though. =)

Midge said...

Kudos on the Yummy! feature, Joey! I just got my copy and I'm loving every page of it. Can't wait to try making your chocolate orange cake - so summery!

Watergirl said...

Thank you for organizing it Joey! The food trips, the chatting, the writing and ultimately, to paraphrase AB, it's all about the food with everyone I've met through the eyeballs and blogging. I'm going to miss you!

Irene said...

How lovely! I feel the same way. We are so lucky to have met so many wonderful people through blogging!

ChichaJo said...

Aw Patricia! Big hug to you sweetie!

Hi Daniel! Thank you! I definitely was a great day! :) I know, I’ve learned so much from reading food blogs!

Hi Jenny! So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Hi Wysgal! Wish you could have been here! Visit soon! :)

Thanks Midge! Let me know when you do give it a go...hope you like it! :)

Hi M! It really is all about the food :) And the great company too! I will miss you too!!! Ok, we must plan your despedida already!

Hi Irene! Yes, I feel lucky too :)

Lani said...

Got my copy last Monday pa, and ganda-ganda mo doon, Joey. Thanks for sharing recipes ha, kasama mo ang iba ring kilalang bloggers.

Manggy said...

Arh, perfect timing! Sorry I couldn't make it :( Hopefully there'll be a next time. Sounds like a fantastic feast-- I'll be lusting over the pictures when I get Yummy (a back issue already once I've returned!).

iNg said...

mabruk (congrats in arabic)...

i wish i could get a copy of that here in uae. i'm a fan of yummy magazine, too, when i was still in davao.

i like your foodblog as well. very nice. i even constantly visit it for inspirations.


ingat... amping... :P

fran =) said...

i was so excited when i saw this month's issue :) i cant wait to try the appetizers and your chocolate orange cake!!

Anne said...

I love food magazines from the Philippines...If I was there, I would instantly get of a copy of it :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

What a wonderful afternoon Joey!
The dividends of blogging are simply amazing.
Congrats on the magazine article that's fantastic.

veron said...

Congratulations joey! My nephew is coming to the U.S. next week and I am going to make bilin!Finally going to get a copy of Yummy with you in it!

ChichaJo said...

Hi Lani! Oh my! Thank you for your kind words! :) It’s my pleasure to share recipes!

Hi Manggy! I’m sure there will be a next time...with cameras or without! :) And you will make the dessert! Heehee :)

Hi iNg! Thank you for stopping by and your nice comment...hope all is well in the UAE!

Hi Fran! Hope you enjoy the recipes!

Hi Anne! Nice to hear you enjoy our local food magazines :)

Hi Tanna! You are so right about the “dividends” of blogging :)

Hi Veron! Thank you! Hope you enjoy the magazine and our feature! :)

Giff said...

sounds like fun!

SimplePleasures said...

wow! you're famous! hehehehehe... just saw you in my copy of yummy last night! you look great! the food looks great too! hope i could have been there with all that food and of course the company too!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Oh, that's so wonderful, Joey! :)

Katrina said...

Who really could've expected the non-food rewards of attending that first MM eyeball? But I couldn't be happier at having found new friends. Thanks for inviting me to join that Yummy party, even if I'm nowhere near as proficient in the kitchen as the rest of you!

ChichaJo said...

Hi Giff! It was :)

Hi Simple Pleasures! Thank you! The food was delicious and the company was fantastic! :)

Hi Susan! Thanks! :)

Hi Katrina! Truly! So glad you sat next to me that lunch long ago! :) Your pica picas were excellent my dear...those bacon covered dates were gone in 60 seconds!

Jen Tan said...

hey joey! I have a copy of this issue...you look great btw ;P


ChichaJo said...

Thank you Jen!!! :)