Friday, August 08, 2014

It's Friday...and some links for the weekend!

It's Friday...finally!  The weekend leans close enough for us to touch, for us to get a whiff of her entrancing perfume.  The smell of fresh sheets, cookies baking, lime in an icy gin & tonic, and warm buttered popcorn in a darkened cinema.  Hours to fill with anything you want...sleeping in (a personal favorite), riveting books, making a slow-cooked stew while it drizzles outside, being with the people you love best, taking your high heels out for a spin.  Anything really.  Monday may seem to always arrive mercilessly soon, but until then...enjoy!!

So, if you've got a few of those extra hours that are looking to be filled, here are a few suggestions:

** Have you seen the August issue of Yummy magazine?  I share a roasted asparagus salad in my column...and little C makes an appearance in their first Kids issue (it's on the back cover)!

** If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already noticed the nauseating amount of breakfast photos with which I shamelessly pepper your feeds (sorry). My current favorite breakfast staple is Gratitude Granola -- locally and lovingly made fresh everyday in small batches.  Follow them to keep abreast of the flavors they come up with day to day.

** I am beyond excited that one of my favorite bakery/cafes has opened right in my neighborhood!!  Visit Wildflour for their delicious breakfasts and addictive kimchi rice...but stay for their wonderful baked goods.  My favorites are their kouign amann, pain au chocolate, bacon sticky buns, cranberry walnut bread and, pictured above (lower left) the blueberry amann far.  Drop by and we might even bump into each other! :)

** My not-so-guilty midnight secret shopping site, Seek The Uniq, is a treasure trove of well curated finds.  I love their caftans and cover-ups.  But if you see something you like, click fast...these goodies go fast!  I am currently waiting for this gold pineapple (don't's love!) that I was too slow to snatch.

** I am so going to try this!  I have heard that there is delicious truth to the one-pan pasta myth...let us see!

** Maybe a spot of afternoon tea with the girlfriends?

**  Get smarter!  Well, why not?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Hope it's filled with delicious things and amazing people!


OompaWoompaGirl said...

I have just clicked Seek the Uniq and wow, by golly, what a great shop! I feel that the shop really has that " soul" that is missing in most online shops, I hope they grow big and never lose that girl best friend-shopping buddy vibe! I like that their prices are also very reasonable! If I was in Pinas, I would also be addicted to their site! Thank you for the heads up and as always, your beautiful prose!

Midge said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend! :D

Kaycee Retuerma said...

I'll buy an issue of yummy mag this week... I wanna see little C! :)

ChichaJo said...

Hi OompaWoompaGirl! It's a great site! I have to find a way to curtail my browsing there though because I never leave empty-handed, haha! ;) Thank you for your nice comment!!

Hi Midge! I did :) Hope you did too!!

Hi Kaycee! Heehee, thanks! :) We enjoyed doing the feature even if she was quite shy at first :)

She Said said...

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing the link about the afternoon tea at Raffles. Had a fun time with my daughter there today :)


ChichaJo said...

Hi Cyn! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)